UFC 252 Live Stream, TV Channels & Main Event Odds

UFC 252 live stream is the much aviated highly competitive fight event of 2020. MMA lovers are keenly waiting for UFC 252 free Streaming. The fight is going to happen between Miocic Vs Cormier 3. In article we will disclosed all methods to watch UFC 252 streaming on TV channels, mobiles and apps.

Besides this we will elaborate all relevant information about the fight like tickets, passes, pay per view, fighters UFC records etc in this article.  All channels will be free of cost and you just have to access them right before the match so that any mismanagement can be handled in advance.

UFC 252 Schedule

To get ready and to set our watches and calendars for the fight we must know about the schedule of this ufc 252 event.

UFC 252 Main Event

The main event is going to held between Miocic and Cormier 3. It’s going to be their 3rd fight. This is a heavy weight contest which is more thrilling and splendid to watch live.

What is the venue of UFC 252?

The expected venue of UFC 252 is Ultimate Fighting Championship APEX Facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, however it is not decided yet.

When is UFC 252?

The great event between two heavy weight fighters is dated at 15th of August 2020. Surprisingly the day will be Saturday, which is a weekend and everybody can enjoy the fight staying their home.

Where the event UFC 252 is going to be held?

The mesmerizing and thrilling event of UFC 252 is still need to be decided.

 What is the Start Time of UFC 252?

The main event is expected to get started sharp at 8:00 pm ET.

UFC 252 live Stream:

There are various ways and channels where you can watch the UFC 252 live.

UFC 252 Live Stream TV Channels

You can watch UFC 252 on TV channels for free. It is going to be held in the weekend. So you can enjoy the fight live on TV with popcorn in hands. We tip to navigate yourself on the channels before the fight as you never know if it a knockout in the first 10 seconds or it goes on till the last round.

As all we know that UFC 252 is a pay per view (PPV) event. This implies that PPV is the only way to watch the main event of UFC 252 live stream without any problem. If you are willing to watch the preliminary fights of UFC 252 then you can go for UFC Fight Pass, FOX Sports and ESPN.

You need a prior subscription in order to watch preliminary fights for free. Although, we need to get the PPV package through UFC.tv in order to attend the main event of UFC 252 live stream. The benefit of being the subscriber of UFC.tv is that you can even watch the replay of the main event after a month.

What TV Channel UFC 252 live stream On

There is a long list of TV channels where you can watch the UFC 252 live stream. You can watch the UFC 252 on the channels like:

  • Fox Sports
  • ESPN
  • ESPN+

But you can only watch preliminary fights in these channels. If you want to watch UFC 252 live stream of main event, you must have a subscription of UFC.Tv for the main event as this is a PPV event.

To watch the full UFC 252 live stream you must have a Fight Pass. With the PPV you will be able to watch the complete event of UFC 252 as a whole whether they are preliminary fights or the main event. The benefit of PPV is that you can watch any fight even after one month.

UFC 252 Live Stream in UK

There are over 5.00M fans of UFC in UK and Great Britain. They are keen lovers to watch Miocic vs Cormier 3 live stream for free.

UFC 252 on BT Sports is one of the giants of live streaming of sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, Snooker, Basketball etc. They also used to have official rights to telecast live streaming of UFC fights.

Unfortunately, BT sports have no more official rights to telecast any UFC event. BT Sports person has confirmed that UFC has no more in relation to BT Sports. However you can still buy PPV service via this channel in UK.

  • BT Sports
  • Eleven Sports

Now, Eleven Sports is in the play to show their clients UFC 252 live stream. Again the Eleven Sports is eligible to telecast only preliminary fights of the event. You cannot watch main event live stream Eleven Sports. You can own PPV authority through this channel and can enjoy the live fight or the replay fights after one months of the fight.

How to Watch UFC 252 live stream in Ireland

You can tune your Tv for preliminaries of ufc 252 live on Eleven Sports. Eleven Sports have got the rights to telecast the preliminaries of the event but it is also unable to let you show the main event. In order to watch the main event you can go to get rights of PPV.

UFC 252 live stream in Russia

Khabib Nurmagomedov belongs to Russia. This country has an emerging passion of mix martial arts (MMA). They love to watch UFC because of their country man Khabib Nurmagomedev. Owing to him the sense of watch live streaming of UFC in Russia has emerged.

  • UFC 252 on Sportsbox

Recently UFC has announced to bring forward a dedicated channel for UFC fight. The upcoming events will be available on Russia 2, Sports 1 and Fight Club. Besides this, you can also watch live stream at Sportbox.ru.

All channels will show the online stream and will not show the Main Event. For main event you have to get PPV from respective channels or as per the UFC official’s recommendation.

Watch UFC 252 live stream in Canada

TSN TV has the official rights to UFC 252 live stream on their channel in Canada. You have to buy PPV to enjoy the main event in full HD.

Stream UFC 252 live in Australia

Fox Sports Go is there to show you the live stream of all preliminaries of UFC 252. You need to buy PPV package to watch main event in full HD.

UFC 252 on TV Channels By Countries

Following are the TV channels which are showing UFC 252 on different regions of the world.

How to Watch UFC 252 live stream online

One can also watch UFC free live stream via online modes. There are many websites and portals rooming on the internet which are claiming to show UFC 252 live stream online. Unfortunately, many of them claimed to be free. We recommend you to never go for the free sites as they may contain spam, virus or such things which may hurt your system. The best way to watch UFC 252 online live stream is by subscribing a reliable media streaming service.

Here we enlist the online mediums to watch UFC 252 live stream.


On UFC.TV you can either watch preliminaries fight or watch the main event completely. It depends upon the nature of the subscription you own. If you have PPV subscription then you are eligible to watch the main events. If you have just subscription of Fight Pass, then you can only watch the prelims of UFC 252.

<img src="https://ufc252streaming.nflsuperbowllivstream.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/UFC-252-Live-Stream-1.png" alt="UFC 252 Live on TV">

To access the main event you must go for UFC PPV subscription. It is month on month basis subscription which is available on discounted rates if you own if for a year. You can cover the main event of heavy weight fight and can watch UFC 252 live stream online via UFC.tv PPV subscription.

You can watch the fight on your mobile, tablet, Laptop or TV if you subscribe UFC PPV.

Watch UFC On Sling TV

Sling TV is another medium where you can buy online streaming services for UFC 252 main event. You can get the PPV right through the Sling TV official site. Don’t make too much hurry as the subscription is announced by the Sling TV mostly just before the one month of the UFC event. You can chill out for the specified period just for 25 bucks.


Hulu is also an online live streaming service not restricted to UFC only. It includes ESPN as a part of its $55-per-month live TV plan. So, switch now to Hulu to watch UFC 252 live stream online. Hulu can be used on your Xbox console, Samsung Smart TV and Vizio SmartCast TV.

AT&T Now

The $55 tier of AT&T includes ESPN in its service. It is one of the most popular online media channels which you can subscribe to watch UFC 252 on ESPN.

UFC 252 on Fubo Tv

FuboTv cost less as compared to other service providers. The service gives excess to not only UFC live online streaming but also unlocks famous entertainment and news channels. It has a region blocking service. You must check if it is available in your region or not before buying a subscription.

YouTube TV

For the people who love to stream Youtube, it is a great opportunity for them to watch UFC 252 live online stream with just a subscription of $65per month. You can also enjoy other premium channels with these subscriptions.

PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue gives you access to various channels if you are up to this. Subscribing for Playstation Vue is the smart choice. By bearing a cost of just 39.9$ you can access various channels which are streaming online the UFC 252 event.

UFC 252 Reddit Stream

You can also catch UFC 252 reddit Stream. Reddit provides various links to the websites who are willingly sharing the video content for live streaming. You just need to enter the system by just typing a live stream keyword with reddit on its end like in case you wish to watch ufc 252 live stream then you should search for the keyword as “ufc 252 main event live stream”. The reddit will suggest you all links which are currently sharing the video content for the specific search.

How to Watch UFC 252 live stream on Youtube

Via YouTube you are open to the whole world. You will not only access to the MMA world but you can access the top notch premium channels of the world. You just have to subscribe for YouTube tv in this regard. YouTube tv is costly as compared to other network but the access to the top notch TV channels is appreciating. You have to bear a cost of about $65 for a month subscription to unlock the live stream of UFC 252.

How to Watch UFC 252 live stream on Facebook

Facebook is not an official online video streaming platform, yet it offers live stream to some extent. If you want to watch the live online stream of UFC 252 on Facebook then you must go to the official page of UFC or MMA on Facebook. There you will get either a direct link to watch UFC 252 live stream or you will get a gate way to watch UFC 252 live stream.

You can get yourself updated about the fight and events of UFC 252 specially the preliminaries via Facebook official pages of MMA and UFC.

In order to get the updates and Live Stream guide for UFC 252 you can visit UFC official Facebook Page.

Watch UFC 252 Live Stream Twitter

In fact, twitter is not the official website to conduct live streaming of event; rather it is a website of sharing through in words rather than in videos. But still if you want to go for the live stream on Twitter, it will not negate you. You can go for the official page of UFC on twitter and keep yourself updated of all the information. So, don’t waste your time if you are a twitter lover, just go to the official page and scroll the latest twit of UFC. Follow the instructions keenly and you will make your way to the live streaming of UFC 252 on twitter.

UFC 252 on Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops

There are various ways to go for the live stream of ufc 252 preliminaries and main event on Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops. There are various online video streaming platforms which offer monthly subscription to give the access to a list of HD channels. You simply have to buy the subscriptions and install their apps on your phone and tablet. In case you have a laptop, then you can go directly to the website and enter your subscription’s ID and Password to get the access of channels.

There are following video streaming services which you can subscribe for your mobile, tablet or Laptop.

Note:  Please search before getting the subscription if it contains the desired channel in the package or not. Also search if which streaming app is eligible for mobile, tablets and laptops.

UFC 252 Predictions and Betting Odds  

The upcoming fight of UFC 252 is not much predictable. The speculators are also confused on who will win the day. The records of both the players are amazingly well. The match is going to be great joy as the contest has become a best of 3 events.

There mutual fight record is 1-1 till date. The 6’4’’ giant is the very strong and experienced who is the current UFC heavy weight champion of UFC.

On the other hand, Daniel Cormier’s record is also amazing and appreciating. He fights in a true MMA norms and knows how to dominate lately in the fight. Though 5’11’’ tall, a ft shorter than his rival, still clinch closer victories based on his experience and passion to the job.

As far as the betting odds are concern, the speculators are prioritizing current heavy weight champion over Daniel Cormier. Stipe Miocic is a current heavyweight champion and have a marvelous record in nail biting contests. He seems to be a big athlete when it comes to handle pressure during a big fight.

The betters expect Miocic vs Cormier as a close match will be continue till last round. But in the end Miocic will clinch the victory on the basis of his experience and immense strength.

Miocic vs Cormier Record

These players have 2 fights against each other form July 2018. Both fights were fought with full aggression by both players. There was a full show of punches and kicks form both fighters. In the past two fights no one can say that the fights were completely one sided.

Miocic vs Cormier 1-UFC 226

The first fight between two legends was fought in Jul 8, 2018.In this fight Daniel Cormier outranks Stipe Miocic in about 4 and a half minutes.

Miocic vs Cormier 2-UFC 241

Miocic and Cormier fought again in after about a year in Aug 18, 2019. This time Cormier struggled too much to put Miocic down, but failed to do so. In the second fight Stipe Miocic won the contest in 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

How can I watch UFC 252 live stream for free

Actually, there is not any official way to watch the main event of UFC free of cost. It is a PPV fight so you have to pay to watch its live stream. But you can watch the preliminaries for free via few channels.

  • You can take any free trail from the live streaming mode from Hulu Tv.
  • You can watch the preliminaries on ESPN, FOX Sports or any other channel which is on the broadcasting panel of UFC.

Our Recommendation to Spend Less for the fight by getting a single subscription for UFC.tv and divide the cost to your near and dear one who are willing to watch main event. The restriction of this method is that you must be under single roof to enjoy the live stream at minimal cost.

UFC 252 Prediction:

Here we have the Odds for Main Event:

  • Cormier 65%
  • Miocic    35%


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